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BLACK SNOUT - Beard and Brau

Style: ENGLISH MILK STOUT - This beer has been inspired from 18th century England recipes.

Sensory: In mind of the traditions of this beer it evokes a delicate mix of complex but subtle flavours including chocolate, vanilla, caramel, ice cream and with a hint of smokiness to remind us it is a winter beverage to be enjoyed by the fire.

BON CHIENS – Beard and Brau

Style: FRENCH FARMHOUSE ALE - This ancient style brew uses specialty high alcohol champagne hybrid yeast and is a traditional seasonal brew using new season malts.

Sensory: The beer presents with orange blossom aromas and a full pallet of flavours, sweet biscuit, hint of sour, citrus, umami and mild bitterness. This beer is like vintage champagne and gets better with cellaring providing some of those great “wet sack” and oaky flavours found in French champagne. Special candied sugar is made with fresh oranges, with the orange peel in the boil and honey added to the fermenter.

DOUBLE RED ALE – Beard and Brau


Sensory: Strong herbaceous hop aromas, fulfilling caramel chocolate biscuit palette with long lasting bitterness. This beer is continuously hopped during the 90 minute boil, providing a long balanced bitter beer. This bold Red Ale boasts a significantly more complex malt profile than Red Tail using 5 different Australian malts.

GOLDEN PAW– Beard and Brau

Style: PALE ALE - Common Ale / Steam Beer. Inspired from a signature beer of one of the original craft breweries in the United States.

Sensory: Grassy citrus aromas with stone fruit (pear, lychee) flavours finishing dry and crisp. The hybrid approach of using unique lager yeast fermented at warmer temperatures provide full bodied fruit flavours finishing clean and dry. This beer is almost the Sauvignon Blanc of beers.

RED TAIL – Beard and Brau

Style: AMBER ALE (Creamy English Ale with American hops)

Sensory: Herbaceous passionfruit aromas with a sweet caramel bitter palette and a hint of chocolate, a bit like a “Bitter Fantale”. A full bodied ale that is well balanced between bitter and sweet, it’s not overly hop driven making it the perfect session ale on an autumn day.

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